Item taking the GO Train/TTC, how do I carry my arrangement home safely??
Our packaging is designed so that you can safely transport your arrangement. Whether it’s in a box or in a bouquet wrap, you just need to use a little care when transporting your arrangement. But don’t overthink it. It’s just like carrying a cake. And if you’re very concerned, there’s always the option to have it delivered.

What would you suggest for a gift for a man?
Our terrariums are a popular choice for men. They’re constantly admiring them in our store.

How do I keep from killing my plants?
We’ll share our little secret. Plants like to be on a routine. You need to commit to a watering schedule and stick to it. Depending on the plants, all plants have slightly different care needs but, at the end of the day, all plants need to be watered regularly. Don’t have an abusive relationship with them. Don’t neglect them and then drown them in water. Consistency is key.

What do I do when my orchid blooms fall off?
Simply cut the stem right down to the bottom. This will allow your orchid to re-distribute it’s energy to generating a new stem. It is a long growth cycle so be patient.
Should I water my orchid with ice cubes?
Ice is for drinks, plain and simple. Ice cubes shock your plant the same way an ice bath would shock your body. Orchids need to be watered every 10-14 days.

What options are there for corporate spaces?
Anything from fresh flowers to floral landscape to dryscapes, we can cater to any design challenge. We would love to see your space and create a solution that will enhance your work environment.

What types of sympathy pieces do you make?
We believe the celebration of someone’s life should be as beautiful as any of life’s milestones. Our most popular arrangements are pieces for the viewing room. We also make beautiful casket sprays. We are happy to discuss any custom options with you either on the phone or at our store.
It’s my first time buying flowers, how do I know what to order?
Knowing the occasion always helps us make the right suggestion for your order.  So don’t be shy to let us know if it’s a birthday, anniversary or just because. In addition to the occasion, we like to know the colour of flowers and how big or small of an impression you would like to make.  Our designers will take it from there.

How long will my flowers last?
Generally, flowers will last for 4 days.  Factors that will shorten the life of your flowers include not refreshing your water regularly, warm environments (i.e. window sill) and not cutting stems on woody stems like roses & hydrangeas.
My flowers died the next day. What can you do?
Given that flowers are a perishable product, we are thankful that this isn’t a common occurrence. We pride ourselves in having the freshest flowers possible. If you’re not happy about it, we want to know. If there is something wrong with the quality of your flowers, please call or email us within 24 hours of receipt. And, we want to see the product so we can report back to our suppliers. So drop off your arrangement to our store or, if you don’t work or live close by, send us a picture to [email protected]

When will my order be delivered?
We guarantee that deliveries will be made by latest 5pm to a business address and by latest 6pm to a residence. (We deliver within Toronto & GTA only … for now.)
How will I know if my order has been delivered?
Our motto is “no news is good news.” We do not offer a delivery confirmation service. If you don’t hear from us, you can assume that your order has been delivered.
Can I add other gifts to my order (i.e, wine, chocolate, diamonds)?
We are happy to package special items with your floral order. Please drop off your gift items to any of our store locations one day prior to the delivery date.
What constitutes the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?
The GTA includes anywhere East of the 427, West of the DVP and South of the 401.
What is your delivery cut off time for same day delivery?
For local, same day deliveries within the PATH, our delivery cut-off time is 3PM EST. If the delivery is within the GTA, orders must be placed by 11AM EST. Any orders outside the GTA (i.e. Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, Pickering etc.) must be placed by 9AM EST for same day delivery. All other orders will be delivered on the next business day. For Saturday deliveries, orders must be placed by Friday 11AM EST. We do not offer Sunday delivery. For same day or rush orders after the on-line cut-off time, please call a Pistil Flowers store directly. (First Canadian Place 416.367.1200 OR Brookfield Place 416.367.4400)